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This was my first large scale piece, a result of versatile mediums and white stoneware clay. Cold cast bonded with a durable pearl luminous finish.

Rem State


Angelic Vows

This is a bronzed earthen clay solid piece. It depicts male and female embrace with hands bound in ribbon,flowers and a dove.

Icy Siren

Bronze bonded Clay


A Mother's Love

A beautiful earthen white clay piece. Cold cast bonded with pearl essence.


This piece is white earthenware, with oilspill glaze,and highlighted with white pewter.

She Danced

Bronzed Clay

Tropic Angel

Bronzed earthenware clay with pearl glaze finish.

Inner Beauty

Solid carved clay bust with faux stone finish.


Breaking The Silence

Won First place in 3-D Sculpture during 2014 Fall Into Art show

at the North Augusta Arts and Heritage Center

This piece recently won "Director's Choice Award" at The North Augusta Heritage Center's Fall Into Art Show 2016

First Sculpture of mine to sell during The Wet Paint Party

in downtown Augusta Ga. Titled "Sin"

This piece was donated to The Art Of Chocolate

in Augusta Ga. 2014

Speaking of Chocolate..

Entire edible chocolate sculpture I finished in Feb.

Chocolate Shoe Sculpture

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