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A bit about me as an Artist

As far as art in general, it's been a part of me as far back as I can remember, a few years back I began to show more of my passion publicly.
But it wasn't until a certain time in my life when I was introduced to clay. I still remember to the day when I first felt that cold bit of natural earthen clay. A dear friend placed it in my hands for the first time and said.."Just make something, I know you can." Since then clay has become a whole new world of infinite possibilities for me. I thank you..Ray.

From there things changed a bit in my artful perceptions..

Deana Tankersley Biography

I was born and raised in Ga.

I began sculpting at the age of six, what was commonly known to other peers my age as Play- Doh, became a imaginative doorway to me. 

 Having an endless supply of this time consuming wonder, I could feel my way toward an animal, person, or what ever I was feeling at the time.

Sometimes, things I made were kept and displayed at the 

 hall display of the school. My parents were contacted to discuss possibly directing me towards art school. Due to modest income however,  my art desires were suppressed academically; however my passion remained.

My mother was a natural sketch artist;
she shared many shadowing and lighting techniques to capture the perfect essence of the subject at hand.

I often created in my private quiet moments which became fewer as adulthood meant responsibility to family and work.

My son was a wonderful gift carrying the art line thru music. Often stringed instruments became beautiful means of Acoustic emotion .

I often stroll and gaze in wonder of a time and people who built such a creative and colorful perception of life in books, galleries, and museums.

I enjoy the outdoors; just a stroll thru a busy walkway can open creative

ideas. I find the human anatomy to be God’s art in motion . We are all indeed exquisite machinery.

My inspiration I would have to say is an ongoing controversial spirit meets emotion.

Intense love versus the right path on this daily journey we so lightly refer to as life.

1990 Prayer Girl large clay bust

1995 Fertility Goddess Clay unfinished.

2000 The Dancer Ceramic 

2002 Sin Medium black ceramic hand with woman figurative.

2003 Nude Rose clay figurative woman in a rose flower sculpture.

2003 Western Romance

2004 Angelic Vows Ceramic Bronze


2005 Imagination Ceramic table bust.

2006 Inner Beauty Clay small figurative.

2006 Innocense clay small figurative.

2006 Sensuality Ceramic Figurative.

2007 Failed Intentions Somber partial face clay bust.

2007 Remstate Ceramic Figurative. 

2008 Thankful

Woven clay basket with sculpted hands.

2009 Isabella Lifesize Figurative

2009 Angelic Vows

2010 Beauty Beneath The Surface Mermaid

2011 Wisdom Clay male bust

2011 Breaking The Silence clay figurative bust.

2011 A Mothers Love Ceramic hands figurative.

2011 Tropic Angel Clay figurative.

2011 Blind Angel Large clay figurative.

2012 His love clay figurative. 

2014 Old Fisherman "Charleston"

2014 A Southern Belle

2015 Light the way large Clay Vessel

2015 Started "His Love" Life Size Bust Figurative

2016 Life size Clay woman nude Figurative Sculpture

2017 Life size Clay The Dancers

2018 Life size Clay Angel

2019 Life size Clay Bronze Resin Mermaid Titled Icy Siren

2020 Nauveena Life Size Clay Six ft.

         Woman releasing a Dove.

Currently working on a life size clay hand sculpture titled His Love approximately four ft.

Now I create with all different types of mediums daily. It's just a part of who I am, and the passion in me.

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