Clayful  Intentions and More -
  From Emotion To Realism
  My art  is uniquely hand built.  I invite you to browse my collection of sculpture, pottery, vessels, jewelry, and other media's as well. I  really enjoy what I do and it shows in each individual result. Every day I'm usually working on a new piece. I have even branched out of my norm a bit and exploring thru painting with acrylics, and also natural basket making, not wanting to limit my art options to just clay. so those works will be slowly added here as well.  If there is a particular piece that just speaks to you by all means let me know. I'm so glad you stopped by and look forward to your return.
   I began with clay at a very young and impressionable age, I just could not put it away. Still to create is simply a part of who I am and what I am supposed to do. It is that passion that keeps me going. I used to limit myself to just clay, but now I'm exploring so many wonderful materials and mediums in building a broader horizon in my own personal arts pace. My work is inspired deeply thru intense spiritual love, people, and, music. 
  Deana Tankersley

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